Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Beware: Who's Teaching Who?

Beware: Who's teaching who??

You may have read in the news recently that there have been some cases of fraudulent activity regarding driving tests. The story was featured in the Daily Mirror.

One individual has been cheating unsuspecting pupils out of at least £500 by setting up "fake" driving tests. The man, from Cardiff, charged learners £62 for the "test" and £38 for hire of his car on the day of the so-called test. He also tricked another instructor into playing the part of the examiner, by leading him to believe that the "tests" were mock (practice) tests. He would even provide pupils with official-looking documents explaining their faults, as is the practice with standard driving tests. However, the documents issued were false. However, one of his potential victims became suspicious and the police were called in to investigate.

Although cases of driving test fraud are rare, in order to help prevent pupils from becoming victims of similar scams, here are a couple of pointers to help you when booking a test.

When arranging a test - either through your driving instructor, school or by yourself - ALWAYS make a note of the test reference number. This is an 8-digit number issued to you by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) upon booking your test. If your test was arranged by your school or instructor, ask for the test reference number.

You can log in to the DSA website here and type in your details at any time. This will allow you to view your test details on the DSA's live system, that way you can be sure that the test you have arranged is genuine. You can view the time and date of your test as well as the test center. You will need the Test Reference Number and either your Theory Test reference number or your License number. 

If you need reassurance that your driving instructor is genuine, ask to see his ADI license. You can find more information on this in one of our previous posts - click here to read that entry. Visit Our Website Here


  1. Dave from swindon4 December 2012 at 02:55

    There was a man doing a similar scam in gloucester a few years ago, i think he got caught

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