Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Business

Don't Let The Recent Bad Weather Put Your Driving On Ice!!

Read up on our tips for driving in winter conditions!!Driving in snow can be a new experience for many drivers, and a daunting one at that. But by following these few simple tips, you can make the whole experience a much less stressful one.If you are planning a long journey, check the weather in advance along your intended route. It may not be snowing where you are, but if you are driving far north, snow may be forecasted and you may find that you are unprepared.

If it has snowed, be sure to thoroughly clear snow from your vehicle before setting off. Be sure to clear snow from the roof of your car as well. You could be guilty of an act of dangerous driving should a large amount of snow come off of your roof and onto the windscreen of the car behind. It could also fall onto your own windscreen if you brake sharply, causing a hazard.

Also make sure that your mirrors are free from snow. As with many things, prevention is often the best method for dealing with a problem. So if you know there is a good chance of snow overnight, you might want to cover your car in advance.

Use a de-icer to remove ice from your windscreen. If you do not have one, you can use lukewarm water, but do not use boiling water as this can damage the windscreen.

Check tyres for adequate tread before setting off, as inadequate tread on your tires means inadequate grip on the road. It may be worth investing in winter tyres if you drive in snow often.

When driving, keep your speed to a minimum, allowing you more time to slow down and stop.

Avoid heavy braking, as it can cause you to skid.

And remember - stopping in heavy rain, snow and icy conditions can be 10 times the normal stopping period. For example, your overall stopping distance for 30mph is 75 feet. This could increase 10 times in the above weather conditions.
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