Friday, 22 February 2013

Refresher Courses

Driving is a skill, and like any skill you must practice it regularly. As any driver will tell you, the road is a constantly changing environment. Of course, this goes for driving from A to B, but it also applies to the more longer-term aspect of driving. For example, driving laws and regulations are constantly being reviewed and new ones added, new roads are being built all of the time which could increase traffic in your area, and there are more and more cars on the roads than ever before.

All of this can be daunting if you have not driven for a long time. You may feel that your confidence has suffered as a result of being off of the roads for so long. But there is no shame in wanting to regain that confidence, and a refresher course could be the ideal thing to help you get back on the road.

It is important to remember that there is no pressure on a refresher course. The aim of this course is not to scrutinise your driving, rather to ease you back into it and help you where you might be going wrong, for instance, you may have developed bad habits in your driving, and your instructor can help spot those faults and work with you to iron them out. Feeling at ease is important, so normally on your first lesson back your instructor will drive you a way to a less busy area so that there are less distractions.

Another scenario is that you may have passed your test a few months back, but have only just got around to buying a car. In this situation a couple of refresher lessons could be just the ticket to get you back on the road, or you may even want to consider doing a Pass Plus course, which is a series of pre-planned lessons from which you can practice what you have already learned as well as acquiring new skills. The Pass Plus course has the added bonus of enabling you to obtain a significant discount on your car insurance upon completion.

So if you feel that you just need a little encouragement to get you back on the roads, ask us about our refresher courses and we can give you the confidence you need and help you on your way to becoming a safe and skilled driver.

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