Monday, 25 March 2013

Cheaper Car Insurance

Pass Plus
List of Participating Insurers And Agents

We would suggest you telephone the insurance companies below to ascertain a quote. Once you have got the quote, THEN ask what the difference would be with a pass plus certificate. 

The following insurance companies have indicated that they are supporting the Pass Plus scheme and offer a discount on their comprehensive third party fire and theft, and third party policies when insuring a Pass Plus candidate's own car.

The discount may be deferred for two years if  Pass Plus candidate currently drives under someone else's policy, providing no claim are made within the intervening period.

The Driving Standards Agency recommends that Pass Plus candidates check with their insurer on the availability of a Pass Plus discount before completing the course.

AA Insurance - 0800 294 1200
Adrian Flux Insurance Services - 0800 505 3000
Churchill Insurance - 0800 200 300
Co-Operative Insurance Society - 0845 746 4646
Direct Line - 0845 246 8888
Privilege - 0845 246 0259
Royal Sun Alliance - 0870 168 8686
Swinton - 0800 409 6551
Quinn Insurance Services - 0800 587 8000

Endsleigh - 0o800 028 3571
4 Counties Insurance - 08456 300 200
Click4Gap - 0844357 8300
i-Kube - 0845 602 6925
Young Marmalade - 0845 644 2026

Although every effort has been made to ensure that the details presented are accurate, Mutual Driving School cannot accept responsibility for any charges or amendments made by insurers and agents.

Other insurers not identified above may still offer some discounts to those who successfully complete a Pass Plus course.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Free Theory Test Training

I would just like to clarify that at present, the price that the Driving Standards Agency charge for a theory test is £31.00 for a car or a motorcycle. This price is the same at evenings, and on weekends and bank holidays. The price is £35.00 for a lorry, bus or coach.

Recently there have been reports of pupils being charged a higher amount for the theory tests, in some cases as much as £80.00. Please be aware that it only costs £31.00 to book your theory test and you can do this yourself online.

Please make certain that you are on the DSA's official website, here is a link to the correct site. There are some bogus sites imitating the DSA's website, which are charging extra for booking the theory tests, this also includes driving tests.

If your driving school are charging you more than the standard £31.00 to arrange your theory test, you may consider switching to another driving school. At Mutual Driving School, for instance, we offer 100% free training on the theory / hazard perception test to all pupils who are taking driving lessons with us.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Driving Lessons in East London

Have you been toying with the idea of learning to drive, but have not yet taken that step and booked your first driving lesson??

If you are sitting on the fence, please keep in mind that there are many hidden benefits of learning to drive. As well as the obvious independence which comes with having a full driving license, any parent will tell you the benefits of owning a car if you have children.

Another benefit of learning to drive is that it gives you transferable skills. A lot of employers prefer to hire people with a full driving license, regardless of whether or not the actual job involves driving. Learning to drive takes concentration, attention, commitment and determination, which are all skills employers look for, not to mention the host of driving-based career opportunities which open themselves up to you once you have passed your driving test. Have you ever thought about driving as a career? Once you have your license, there is nothing stopping you.

If you are somebody who likes to travel, think how easier this becomes once you have your driving license. Hiring a car when you travel abroad can help you in so many ways. Nobody likes waiting around at an airport for a bus or taxi, but if you have a driving license you can get right out on the open road (just remember to check which side of the road they drive on!) And remember it is not just overseas when this comes in handy - there are also many great places to visit in Britain and a car is the perfect tool to help you discover this wonderful island at your own pace. On top of this, most of the time it will be far cheaper than taking the train, and you won't have to put up with drunken football fans and screaming children either.

So if reading this article has convinced you to make that first step, then pick up the phone today. If you are in the East London area, why not give us a call now on 0208 880 7548, or visit our website!